Frequently asked questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who provides business support, such as administrative, HR or Marketing activities, from a remote location. ImPAct PA provides different services to fit your business needs. Please visit the Services section of this website for further information.

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

The main advantage of using a Virtual Assistant is that you only pay for ImPAct PA's services when you need them. We will not be on your payroll. There will be no overhead costs such as Tax, National Insurance and Pension.

What about confidentiality and security?

ImPAct PA will never discuss one business with another business. We will have a confidentiality agreement put in place.

What happens to the hours in the packages that are not used?

At ImPAct PA, we like to be as flexible as we possibly can. Any hours that are not used in one month can be carried over to the following month, but we will also tailor packages for individual clients. We can reduce any hours on a month-by-month basis should it be determined that a business is paying for more hours then they need. ImPAct PA is determined to fit around your business needs wherever possible.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

No. ImPAct PA would ask that any business who signs an agreement for 30 or more hours a month, give 30 days notice of termination of contract. Anything less than 30 would need no more than seven days.

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