• Amanda Dove

A day in the life of me!

A typical day for me begins by gulping some hot coffee in the kitchen whilst making breakfast for two boys ,putting on my makeup and tripping over an ageing cat.

I drop the oldest boy at school, occasionally deal with a strop with the smallest one and we go for a walk on the way home.

Once we are in and settled I have a more relaxing cup of coffee whilst doing my social media posts and replying to messages in my networking groups. I check my emails and then plan what I need to do for my scheduled hours with clients that day.

I always make sure I stop for an earlyish lunch to spend some time with the smallest one and then we go on a walk before collecting his brother from school.

Once feeding time at the zoo is over with I tend to do a bit more work on social media, either for me or a client and I make sure I set aside a bit of time each week to concentrate on promoting my business .

I also love a to do list so always spend ten minutes before I switch off for the day crossing off tasks I have done and adding new ones for the next day.

I actually relish being busy and having lots to do and juggle!

As you can see, I am excellent at multi tasking ,so if you need someone to multi task for you please get in touch!

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