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Feeling Festive? Getting my ho ho ho on!

It's the week before Christmas and all through the house everything is crazy , bright and loud!

School finishes today so the oldest one will be bored by 8am tomorrow morning.

Thankfully we are quite organised this year as we are keeping it low key so all presents have been bought and wrapped and safely hidden away. My wardrobe is out of bounds to little people until December 26th so I have strategically placed a heated airer in front of it :)

It's the festive food shop this weekend so it will be a case of masks on and just powering through.

Workwise, i'm trying to get everything tied up by the weekend as clients are hoping to finish themselves tomorrow for a well earned festive break.

Of course, social media doesn't take a break, so i'm busy scheduling content for Christmas week (on my own platforms as well).

It's also a time to reflect back on this past year. I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a strange, sometimes difficult year.

It's also the year though that I relaunched this business with a new name, new website and I was determined to give it a good go!

It's only been going since August but i'm already proud of how things have progressed. I have a good little client base building up but of course am not resting on my laurels so am always on the look out for more.

I also have a carry forward plan of things I want to improve on and learn more about come 2021. You can never have too much knowledge or strings to your bow.

I'm also very excited about something that has occurred in my other business, The Body Shop at Home, as I've been selected to be a Beauty Ambassador for the next season which starts in January. I had my first training call yesterday so am excited to start this as well.

It's all about the planning and let's face it , the perfect excuse to get some new notebooks and stationery!

So everyone, let's end this year on a positive note and start 2021 strong!

Happy Christmas

Amanda x

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