• Amanda Dove

Back in the Zoom!!

Now that the UK have gone back into Lockdown 2 the majority of us may have found ourselves working from home again and back to using Zoom to keep in touch with clients, staff and colleagues and even just for fun with family and friends . Note to self I have not yet tried a Zoom virtual quiz, one for the Lockdown 2 to do list !

I use Zoom a lot in my business as I often hold a Zoom call with potential clients so we can meet each other face to face before working together.

I admit, when I first ever used Zoom it was a bit of a disaster. I didn't know how to use many of the functions and I was worried I was coming across very unprofessional but I still got the work so maybe the client didn't notice !

Anyway I learnt a lot from this client with regards to Zoom and have put a lot of it into practice since.

Below are my top Zoom tips:

Look your best during the meeting. Just because you are homeworking you still need to make an effort (it makes you feel better too if you are not slouching about in a tracksuit with unwashed hair).

Lighting is very key in any video call, too dark and no one will see you and in bright direct sunlight you will be squinting at your screen.

It is best to have the window in front of you or for the seasoned Zoom users, invest in a ring light to pop behind your screen.

As in any photo, the angle is key. Have the screen slightly higher than your eye level and make sure you are looking up into it.

Maintain eye contact with the other party (don't keep staring into your camera!)

Ensure you have selected the share screen option so that the other (s) on your Zoom call can see any presentation you are discussing.

My favourite is the virtual background. Just because you may be working from your lounge or kitchen it doesn't mean everyone has to see the washing up piled behind you! Have a play around and select one of the virtual backgrounds available on Zoom (go into settings, and virtual background). You can try adding your own branding for the extra professionalism.

Also have a play about with the annotation feature. This is excellent if you are discussing a document as you can highlight the relevant sentences on your screen. This can be found on the Zoom toolbar.

Zoom (and of course other video calling applications) are proving the way forward now in this new working world and a Virtual Assistant of course is an expert in this field !

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