• Amanda Dove

My top 5 applications for my business.

Since becoming a virtual assistant I have tried out various applications to see what is the best fit for me and my business.

The below are my top 5:

  1. Toggl - I came across this one by accident when I was researching the best way to record time taken on work for one of my first clients. I came across it on line and its a free to download app. It allows you to accurately record how long you spend on a piece of work for a client and is great for providing more detail in timesheets and invoices.

  2. Invoice Simple - Again I came across this when first setting up my business. It is a handy invoice tool which helps you design an invoice template. You can upload your logo and other details so it looks incredibly professional which is what I love. You can then create your invoice and send it to your client by email directly from the app. All invoices are easy to see on the app and you can mark them as paid or outstanding and it is just so simple for end of year accounting purposes as everything is in one place.

  3. Canva - I just love Canva. Again this is free to use but you also have the option to use the paid for service but so far I haven't had to. It is great for marketing purposes and I have created many a lovely image for my Instagram and Facebook pages.

  4. Google Drive - I could not be without Google Drive. It is a cloud based storage solution great for file storage and synchronisation. Multiple users in different locations can all access and edit the same documents.

  5. Base Camp - I haven't actually started to use this yet but I am excited about doing so. One of my ad hoc clients recommended it to me as she was setting it up for her business in this new remote working world many of us are finding ourselves in. It is a piece of software that helps a team work together better whilst being in different locations. It is an excellent project management system which I am definitely investigating utilising for my business.

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