• Amanda Dove

Do you need a hashtag strategy?

The hashtag. That buzzword from a few years ago and the lovely little # sign that goes with it. Just how important are they?

Well, in this ever moving digital world where more and more businesses are coming on board to social media, very.

This simple hashtag has the power to spread your business to a wider audience and also, by using them in the incorrect way, damage your business reputation.

First you need to take time to develop a hashtag strategy and take a look at what you want to be associated with on social media.

There are hashtag research tools out there where you can research what existing hashtags there are and if they are currently trending. This is important as you don’t want to select a hashtag that is overused so your post may get lost in a sea of posts, or worse, use one that aligns your business brand with a negative connotation.

Select ones that you can use each time you post to help create brand awareness and staying power in your followers’ minds.

You don’t need to use loads and loads of hashtags. I personally do not like those posts that seem to have a million hashtags after them as I think it looks messy. Choosing a few that can be consistently used makes it easier for followers and potential customers to follow your conversations.

By doing some research up front you can save yourself a lot of time and build a successful hashtag strategy.

But of course, this can be easily done by me on your behalf and you can just reap the rewards of a carefully planned hashtag strategy for your business.

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