• Amanda Dove

Setting Business Goals

Everyone sets themselves goals. Think of every new year and the resolutions you set yourself, lose weight, learn french, get a new job.

Well , goals in setting up a new business are no different and also unfortunately just as easily not reached.

It’s very easy to say that you want to get xx number of clients, make xxx amount of income, work from home and holiday in the Seychelles once a year off your profit.

In order to get to this level of desired existence however you need to break it down into reachable goals.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I setting this goal?

  • What will I get once I succeed?

  • Which resources will help me reach these goals?

  • Do I have to learn or improve something to reach it?

You need to take an honest assessment of where you are currently at and what is working and what isn’t.

I know this from personal experience when I had a business rebrand.

Don’t be too hard on yourself as there are always things that you have achieved already even if they are just ‘small wins’. Make sure you write these small wins down.

Set up an action plan and build these goals into it.

Follow your action plan step by little step and you will see growth in your business.

However, in order to concentrate on your business growth, you sometimes need to accept that delegation of those boring but necessary admin tasks is important for success. Let someone like myself take over the day to day admin so you can concentrate on your action plan and reap the rewards of your business growth.

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