• Amanda Dove

What is a standard operating procedure?

Anyone who runs their own business knows how important it is for tasks to just flow. You know a start, middle and end as it makes organising your working day so much easier and if you start to onboard employees or outsource work to someone like myself as your business grows, you have a ready made hand book up and running.

Business growth is every business owner's dream. With business growth however comes challenges, especially when you start having a lot of clients and need to start streamlining processes to ensure consistency.

This is where a standard operating procedure (or SOP) comes into play. An SOP is a short and easy to understand document which highlights actions and workflows for all your repetitive tasks.

So, what kind of tasks would you write a standard operating procedure for?

Well, the everyday ones. Start to make a list of all the every day or weekly repetitive tasks you do such as email mailshots, social media posts or managing the email queries in a company mail box. Start to write down how you as a business owner likes these tasks managed. This is because if you want to eventually upscale your business and outsource these tasks you want to ensure they are carried out as per your instructions.

Once this handbook of SOPs grows you will be surprised at the amount of administrative tasks you do that take up too much of your time. Maybe it is time to pass this handbook to me to help me to streamline your business!

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