• Amanda Dove

You have hired a virtual assistant (me) now what.

So you have decided the time is right to work with a virtual assistant to help you smash your business goals.

You have taken a snapshot of a normal working week and logged all the tasks you would like to hand over.

As a business owner you need to be ready to delegate the tasks you don’t want to do or have time to do yourself.

You have even found the virtual assistant business you want to work with (hopefully me) . Now what?

Well , as in any successful business relationship, the on boarding process needs to be on point.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you agreed the number of hours you need a virtual assistant for and the price. Most will have varying price plans or can agree one with you.

  2. Is the virtual assistant knowledgeable on your business?

  3. Have you a list of tasks ready to delegate (if you have read my previous blog on standard operating procedures then you are already halfway there with points 2 and 3)

  4. Have you agreed how to keep in touch with your virtual assistant and how often? Whats App, zoom, text or email are examples. You need to bear in mind that the whole point of a virtual assistant is to give you time back so you don’t want to be constantly in contact but also you don’t want to be unreachable if they have genuine questions. It’s all about agreeing the right balance up front.

  5. Most importantly, you need the correct remote working platforms. Google Drive, One Drive and Drop Box are some but there are many free and paid for systems out there where you can share and sync files and calendars with remote workers.

From personal experience, there are many businesses out there who desperately need a virtual assistant. Maybe they are just starting out and don’t want to employ someone on payroll just yet or they have workload in peaks and troughs. Whatever the reason a virtual assistant would be beneficial for their business but they think they are actually too busy to get anything set up.

A virtual assistant like myself can discuss all this in a zoom call and actually advise you what needs to be in place for this business relationship to succeed.

All you need to do is delegate and see for yourself how your working week is transformed!

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